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European beauty, wellness, and weight-loss technology.

The only device in the world that stimulates every millimeter of skin tissue… achieving immediate and long-lasting results.

Customized body and facial programs treat the most prevalent cosmetic concerns for both men and women!

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Bye bye orange peel: this tried and tested cellulite buster actually works!”

Evoke Magazine journalist tried ICO-one treatments to remove cellulite from her legs to get ready for her wedding day!

I lost two inches: from my waist, my tummy was flatter and there was no more saggy skin!”

Maven 46 blogger was desperate to get back into her pre-pregnancy figure.


This advanced Italian device improves skin tone and texture, and targets stubborn fat.

ICO-one is the only technology in the world to stimulate every millimeter of skin tissue, combined with dual wavelength laser energy. Treatments are relaxing and feel like a massage as the rollers lift and position the skin for the most slimming, smoothing and tightening effect.


Achieve your goals! 

For those bothered by uneven skin texture, stretch marks, cellulite, wrinkles – or  can’t get rid of stubborn fat despite diet and exercise– ICO-one is the solution. 

Patented, highly-effective and FDA-cleared, this non-invasive, non-surgical treatment is safe for any skin type, including loose or damaged skin.


Following my session, I suddenly had the makings of abs–something even my weekly Pilates section never achieved.


"Firm Fit Skin Solutions"


As seen in Vogue

Why choose ICO-one?

Unlike other treatments, ICO-one has NO downtime and no risk of side-effects. This treatment stimulates the body’s natural process of fat metabolism, body-shaping and skin improvement.

Other fat-melting treatments can produce an uneven or undesired result–including the development of fat pockets in a new area! Plus, they can be very uncomfortable- including burning, freezing and stinging-followed by unpleasant side-effects and recovery time. But ICO-one is completely pain-free, with no side effects or downtime, while still being highly-effective, with rapid, proven results




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